Honduras Construction

One Time Donation

We began construction on a three room building with the money the school has been able to save. To complete the first step of our vision, we need to finish these rooms. $7,000 will complete it.


Church Needs

The Church in Tamarindo, Costa Rica has reached completion but there is already a need for a larger children's area so that they can meet and minister to these kids on their level. The projects funds will go directly toward meeting the financial needs to complete the children's area.

One Time Donation

Sohadri Widows Home

This project will fund the construction of a widows home in India that will house 20 women who are being ministered to by the Sodhari Widows Ministry. Your donations also fo to help support the widows who are now being helped even though there is not a home in place as of now.

One Time Donation

Nosara Church Building Project

Land has been purchased in Nosara, Costa Rica and costruction has started on the new church building. This project will help fund the completion of construction of the main church building and classrooms in Nosara.  They are also in need of proper water supply and electricity for the property.

One Time Donation

Playa Azule Church and Camp Construction

Construction is under way on the church building and camp in  Playa Azule. 

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Casa Vida Costa Rica Missions

Casa Vida is a church based in Costa Rica who works both in evangelizing and planting churches in rural coastal communities of Central and Latin America as well as training church planters for the field and the work of the Kingdom.

One Time Donation

Mercy Home Tamarindo, Costa Rica

For every $5000 we raise we get to build a home for a family living in poverty in Tamarindo.  The family shown here in this photo is just one of many that would benefit from one of these homes.

One Time Donation

Mercy Home Nosara,Costa Rica

For every $5000 we raise we get to build a home like the one seen here under construction for a family living in poverty in Nosara.  

One Time Donation

Mercy Home Playa Azule, Costa Rica

For every $5000 we raise we get to build a home like the one seen here under construction for a family living in poverty in Playa Azule.  

One Time Donation

Jinja, Uganda Construction

Pastor William just rented the property and is in the pricess of obtaining a shelter, benches for seating, and he must construct a bathroom.  HIs rent is $45 a month, the church construction is going to cost about $500, and the cost of the bathroom construction will be about $350.  Please prayerfully consider joining William as he plants a new church!

One Time Donation

Pritchard, Alabama Lighthouse Academy Computer Room

One Time Donation

Adam McCullough and his family recently had the opportunity to provide books for a book drive held by the Lighthouse Academy in Pritchard. On their second delivery of books a vision was explained to them by the Director of the Academy.  As they walked through the Academy on a short tour of the facility, they stopped in a back room and the Director began to unfold her vision of the space they were standing in at that time. She has 6th grade through 12th grade students that attend the Academy for after school care. She explained that most of these students work on their homework assignments on their cell phones because of the lack home computers or lack of access to computers entirely.  She would like to have ten computers for these students to use for their homework and other school projects. Also, she would like to have a large flat screen tv and a gaming system for Friday fun days for these students. A rough estimate at a local retailer they found that they we can purchase 10 Acer ChromeBooks for $250 with Office 365, a 65" TV for $700.00, and  a Playstation 4 pro for $400. Total cost will be $4000 they believe.  Please consider helping Adam and his family make this vision a reality for these Students, the Employees and Director at Lighthouse Academy of Prichard.

If at all possible we would like to fulfill this need by the end of the year.

Quest Ministries Youth Adventure Camp, Jinja, Uganda

Quest Ministries conducts a student camp each December. At this camp students are challenged with the gospel of Christ, taught the Scriptures, encouraged to make new friends in Christ, and taught how to make disciples.  While there they are involved in many activities where they learn valuable life lessons.

The cost of the camp is about $20 per student. Many of the students there can barely afford basic necessities or they are having to pay for their own school so $20 is not something that they can afford.

We are asking that you prayerfully consider sponsoring one or more students so that they can attend this amazing experience!

One Time Donation

AIM is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization 

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