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The Davis Family

New York City

The call to missions has defined John Martin and Brooke Davis’s lives from childhood, growing up as grandchildren of Baptist missionaries. Early in their dating relationship, the question of whether the other was willing to serve on the mission field was the way in which they vetted one another as a viable marriage partner.


Worship—making music to the Lord, creating a habitation for the Lord’s presence, and leading others into His presence, has also defined their lives and their lifestyle. Brooke’s life verses defined hers, and then their lives: Isaiah 61:1-3, “The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is upon me and He has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor…to bind up the broken-hearted…to bring freedom to the captives…”. Within this context, over the past 13 years, they have responded “Yes” to a steady stream of many and varied opportunities to take worship out of the church and onto the street, bringing the lost, as well as friends of Jesus, into His presence.


While serving full-time, leading worship, young adults, and the media ministry for a local church, the Lord connected John Martin and Brooke with Mike Doyle, founder and pastor of “Movement”, providing them with a unique on-ramp for missions. First, on an online basis, then since 2022, they have led teams of young adults to serve and labor in the harvest fields of San Diego and New York City.


This year, John Martin and Brooke heard the Lord ask them if they would be the “friends of the paraplegic man”, on the streets of New York City, lowering the lost and broken “down” to Jesus to be healed and restored. Their “Yes” to the Lord is leading them from full-time ministry in coastal Alabama to partner with Mike as self-supporting missionaries, shepherding two New York City church plants, and the worship outreach and evangelism that grows those churches.

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