India Feeding Program- Pastor Philip


Pastor Philip has multiple feeding programs where he is meeting the physical and spiritual needs of local children. He estimates that over 600 children have benefited from this nutrition program. He is totally dependent on our donations to keep this program funded. He is currently conducting 5 feeding programs that are fully funded while there are 15 more that need funding. The cost of each program is between $75 a month. Please prayerfully consider joining Pastor Philip in reaching the children of India for Christ!

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Biliran Island, Philippines Feeding Program- Pastor Verijohn


Every week Pastor Verijohn and his wife Mary Hannah and their church reach out to two communities around them by meeting physical and spiritual needs. Not only can they feed a child for about $1, they are also teaching them the Bible on a weekly basis. Initially, they started these programs by working extra jobs to fund them. We are in need of $200 a month to fully fund both programs. Each program feeds about 100 children a week.

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Kenya Feeding Program- Pastor Harrison


Pastor Harrison's ministry in Kenya is feeding around 115 children every Saturday. Each meal comes with a Bible teaching and they have seen the Lord use it to impact many lives. This program is already generously fully funded by someone, but there are additional needs that arise weekly on top of the money needed each month to fund it.

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Tamarindo, Costa Rica Feeding Program- Pastor Alex


This feeding program run by Pastor Alex is located in El Yanito very close to Tamarindo, Costa Rica. They created the program to meet the need they saw in the community when their schools stopped providing lunches. The program now not only serves children but also feeds some older adults.

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Uganda Feeding Program- Shelia Buff


Every week since the COVID-19 shut down began in Uganda, Shelia Buff has been sending food to 13 families (over 60 people) in her village. Most of these families have children in school. These children are used to getting 2 meals a day at school. The majority of the village people work and get paid daily in order to feed their families. Since the lockdown, they have been unable to work, so there is no money for food. Sheila has been spending approximately $300.00 a week to feed them.

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