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Brasilito Truck Fund

Brasilito, Costa Rica

Johnny and Aidis run the feeding program in Brasilito, Costa Rica. They are faithful to give of their time and money to help provide food, tutoring services and Biblical teaching to the children who need it most in their community. We recently discovered that Johnny and Aidis no longer have an operating vehicle and they desperately need one in order to continue carrying out the responsibilities of the feeding program.  

In Costa Rica, it is necessary to have a vehicle that can withstand the rough terrain and dirt roads that are often underwater because of so much rain. They have located a truck that will allow them to safely get supplies, go to the doctor and church, and run other miscellaneous errands that are needed.

Would you please consider partnering with us to raise enough money to purchase this vehicle for them? Our goal is $20,000 and we believe we can make this happen, but only with your help. 

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As always, thank you for your generosity and willingness to help spread the gospel to those in need. Feel free to message us if you have any questions.
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