Daniel Caicedo


One Time Donation

My name is Daniel Caicedo. I am a Pastor and I serve God by preaching, teaching the Word, and leading worship. I became a Christian at an early age and I have been working with my wife on many projects for about four years (I had the privilege to baptize her) in a neighborhood called el Remanso, it belongs to Villa Santana in Pereira, Colombia. This is a neighborhood where many people are killed every day because of gangs. That is why working here as a Pastor requires so much praying. I have had to make many decisions that have changed my life. Because of his faithfulness, God has saved so many boys from the gangs, and kids have been impacted by the power of God.  


One of my biggest passions is to work with kids and youth through drama and music. I have baptized over sixty young people who are serving God in many cities today.


I have been married to my beautiful wife, Monica Andrea, for six years and she has become my biggest support and a huge blessing to my ministry as a Pastor. We have a three year old son named Santy and our second one is on his way. We are so excited. 


My goal is to reach many who are lost and bring them to Jesus Christ.

Rodrigo Velasco Alvaresz


One Time Donation

My name is Rodrigo Velasco Alvaresz, married to Maria Eladia Rios Garzón, I pastor Iglesia Cristiana Campestre Familiar, and we founded the church in 2006 in the Olimpico neighborhood, Palmira, valle Colombia. 


One of our main ministries is one where we feed and help children who come from dangerous places. Our goal is to feed and serve between  120-150 children, and today we consistently have about 20 children each Saturday. We want to make this happen because we see unloved and unwanted children because of war in our country.


While doing this we also want to provide spiritual help to them, 

help them with their studies (teach them how to read and write), we want them to eat healthy food, and help them to be good citizens. 


God cares about these children, we want to do the same. God bless you for your prayers and your support.