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Craig & Donna Wells

 Western Highlands of Guatemala

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My wife, Donna, and I have gone through a 15 week course with Perspectives on the World Christian Movement and it has made a life changing impact on our lives.  It is safe to say that its impact is second only to the Holy Scriptures!  Talking about the course after the last lesson, Donna said, “I am just ready to go”!  And we are going to Guatemala!

We met Terrell Davis with Global Business Solutions Institute at one of the Perspectives classes and was very interested in what they were doing, particularly in Guatemala. They talked about helping people raise chickens for eggs so they can feed their family.  They are also showing them how to raise vegetables in greenhouses for the same purpose, while the extra is sold in the market.  The children in the Western Highlands of Guatemala is where 50% of children younger than 5 years old are chronically malnourished.  I thought, chickens, greenhouses, and the Gospel, that can be done anywhere.

The dates are October 15th through 22nd.  We need your support.  We need $3,200 for the trip and would love to have your blessing in praying for us and help in funding the trip.

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