Mike & Sally Megginson

Fairhope, AL; United States

Mike and Sally Megginson have served as AIM missionaries in Costa Rica for two years but are now living back in Alabama where Mike serves as the Director of Missionary Development And Care for AIM.  His responsibilities include recruiting new missionaries and then walking with them through the process of preparing them for the mission field as well as long-term care and follow-up.  Both Mike and Sally are excited to see the growth of AIM and the impact that AIM is having around the world.

Bonnie Bourdage

Vancouver, WA; United States

Three years ago, I was called to India on a short term mission, after seeing a picture of myself meeting and praying for a widow I realized that I was called to love and care for the Christian widows of a small village ministry. In partnership with AIM we have been able to provide provisions of food, medicine and housing assistance where needed but most of all a relationship of mutual love and respect  God has used this relationship to form a sisterhood not only among themselves and I but also with other widows of the village. Christ has called us to love one another and in doing so it has created a curiosity among the villagers and some have come to the local church to see "Who this Jesus is who cares for widows".

I am excited to work with AIM as their Northwest Representative to help others who are led to serve find the ministry God is calling them to do.

AIM is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization 

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