Bob Kabuliteka

Jinja, Uganda

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Bob is the Director of The Quest Ministry in Jinja, Uganda. He was born in Western Uganda and was part of a very large family. He now resides in Jinja where he works with students to reach them for Christ and to disciple them and to help them make disciples.  The Quest Ministry was birthed in October 2008. It started as a mission of reaching out the destitute children and vulnerable young people, the poor and the disabled. With that in mind, we also reach young lives through music, dance, drama, sports games, and a giant cinema. Our passion is to stand against rejection and the depression that gnaws at our generation and to spread freedom in Christ Jesus. 

The Quest Ministry is based in Jinja, Uganda. We have traveled to and ministered at many churches and conferences in the area. It is comprised of High School and University students who have a desire to impact their generation for Christ.

Each year Bob is part of a major project where they take students on a retreat where they worship, study, and fellowship together. You can find information on this project here:

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He also hosts a monthly Friday night Bible Study dinner at a local restaurant. Many students attend and they are encouraged in their walks with Christ.